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Caesar Salad DressingBy TessaAdd a little flavor to your salad with this creamy, zesty Caesar Salad Dressing.
Homemade NutellaBy TessaA healthy version of Nutella that the whole family will love. Great as cake icing, smothered on pancakes, blended with milk to create a delicious milkshake - or just by the spoonful!
Sun-dried Tomato TapenadeBy TessaA delicious addition to a platter with seedy crackers or veggie sticks, this versatile tapenade is also great as a condiment to add a little flavor to meals, or even as a pasta sauce. And it's so easy to whip up!
Blueberry CompoteBy TessaBlueberry season is our favorite season! Whip up this beautiful blueberry compote and serve with pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, muffins or scones - the list of possibilities is endless!
Spiced Tomato RelishBy TessaA great simple recipe for a mildly spiced tomato relish. You can add more spices if you prefer a bit of extra heat! Great as a side to a vegetable dish, or with eggs or cheese and crackers.
Macadamia “Cheese”By TessaLooking for a plant-based cheese to add to salads, vegetables or fritters? Look no further! This macadamia cheese will be sure to please.
DukkahBy TessaDukkah is a tasty, nutritious combination of nuts, seeds and spices which can be added to food for a little extra flavor and crunch! Goes well with eggs, vegetables, soups or salads.
KimchiBy TessaKimchi is a staple in some countries around the world, and it's no wonder why! It is super easy to make, packed full of amazing nutrients, and adds lots of flavor to meals.
Sambal Chili SauceBy TessaA great condiment to add a bit of chili heat! Store in the refrigerator and use with vegetables, stir-fries, eggs and more for a little spicy kick!
Chimichurri SauceBy TessaA delicious versatile sauce that is great served with meat, seafood and/or vegetables. Store in the refrigerator and add to any meal for lots of fresh flavour!
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