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6 Weeks No Wheat


Do you suffer from headaches, bloating, foggy brain or feel like you are ‘sleep walking through life’ and you just want to be healthier? Then the online ‘6 Weeks No Wheat’ Program will guide you to a healthier life.

Each week we will educate you on what you can eat, what you need to look for and how to make lifestyle changes. You will also be supplied a weekly meal plan with easy and delicious recipes to prepare.

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Many people have an issue with wheat and don’t really know it. The only way to tell is to eliminate wheat from your diet and see how you feel. The problem is, people don’t know where to start and how to make changes, or they’re not sure what to eat or cook.

The ‘6 Weeks No Wheat’ Program is a simple, easy to follow, highly effective online program. Each week we will educate you around food, in particular, wheat and gluten and how to effectively eliminate it out of your diet and to make lifestyle changes so you remain healthy.

You will receive education, videos, meal plans, recipes, extra resources and access to an online forum. You gain access one week at a time, following a step by step formula for best results, building on your knowledge from previous weeks.