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A stunning compilation of fresh, new creations and previously published family favourites.  Over 140 healthy and easy-to-follow real food recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious! With the Changing Habits Recipe Book, it’s so simple to cook real healthy food that is full of flavour and nourishes your body, the Changing Habits way. Family-friendly meals will help to get the kids involved in the cooking process too!

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A stunning compilation of over 40 fresh, new creations and previously published family favourites.

The mouth-watering recipes are divided up into easy to follow sections – breakfast, breads and muffins, drinks, soups and slow-cooked meals, salads, main meals, fermented foods, condiments, dips/spreads, snacks, desserts and treats. It includes some of your favourites from the Changing Habits online recipe collection, as well as lots of new dishes. The Changing Habits philosophy is based on eating wholefoods. This means choosing ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural sources. The recipe book will help you to cook real healthy food, which is full of flavour and nourishes your body. Have fun, experiment and swap ingredients around to suit your individual body.

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  • Over 140 recipes – a stunning compilation of fresh, new creations and previously published family favourites
  • Recipes made with only real, wholefoods
  • Simple, easy-to-follow meals to inspire the whole family!



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