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Chilli Powder – 100g


  • $7.97 / 100g
  • 100% organic Chilli Powder with a medium heat – a must-have for your spice rack!
  • Versatile spice to use in curries, sauces, stir fries, soups, seasonings and more
  • Is not irridiated – a process that uses radiation to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of food
  • All natural – no additives, preservatives or flavours
  • Packed in convenient resealable pouch for optimum freshness


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Shop bought chilli powders can contain additives and preservatives. Our organic Chilli Powder makes it easy to make your own spicy dishes without comprising on quality or flavour. Check out our recipe page for ideas.

Unlike other spices which are often irradiated (exposed to radiation) to extend their shelf life, our chilli powder is not. It also contains no additives or preservatives.

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